Friday, March 7, 2008

Mystic Mountains


Dr.Adi said...

the true reason why the himalayas have been the center of meditation is not because they are remote..

its is because they are the only structures that can truly make a man feel insignificant and show him how small he really is in the system.
this breaks whatever ego one might harbour.. and brings to him bliss and true humility

the above sentiment is well captured..

amazing..just amazing

this is the best painting of the series overall

sooperb execution.. will be glad to catch you in action sometime.

Dr.Adi said...

kindly forgive my partiality to watercolors..

i never seem to tire of the way colors blend and fade out in water...

Dr.Adi said...

i am starting art blog

u wanna feature??

i will send an invite...

btw quick thinking (thats bannerghatta )

mysore pics are there i havent yet uploaded.. they are my recent best..

Dr.Adi said...

can u send me your professional/public email id so i can invite you to the art blog?

it would be an honour